Appreciation is a wonderful thing.

Without all of you, Chocolate Fusion would not be what it is today.


“Best Fudge Ever! I had to indulge in some and was beyond pleased! The texture is just out of this world- so smooth and creamy! The Chocolate Fusion staff also has the best customer service!”


“Fudge is my thing; I am usually very particular and only purchase from a few locations when I go back to my hometown in Michigan. Well now I can get my product right in Pittsburgh. This stuff is amazingly good, and every single flavor is a home run. The store front gives you a welcoming vibe and the customer service is very cool, personable, and helpful. All around great company.”


“My girlfriend and I stopped into Chocolate Fusion for some dessert after dinner and we were very impressed. The storefront is cozy and inviting, and the customer service is so helpful. They let us sample a few items until we found the ones that we wanted. The Bananas Fosters is insane, and my girlfriend loved the Sea Salt Caramel. The consistency is unlike any other, so smooth and not gritty! Chocolate Fusion is definitely a regular stop from now on.”


“I first met the Chocolate Fusion staff at a festival and the woman was so very helpful and polite. She educated me about their products and let my kids and I try a few and even went on to describe each product to us while we tasted. She answered all my questions with a smile and the product was just simply delightful. I bought an entire pound and that has only lasted us three days! We most definitely will be repeat customers. If you want some premium quality fudge Chocolate Fusion is hands down the place go. They have the best fudge I have ever tasted in my life and the experience is completed with a wonderful staff.”


“I normally am not a fudge person, there is just something about the texture that doesn’t agree with me. Chocolate Fusion converted me to a fudge lover! I tasted the Chocolate Peanut Butter; words cannot describe how delicious it is.  The gentleman at the booth told me this wasn’t like regular fudge and he was spot on! The consistency is so smooth, it was like eating peanut butter out of the jar, the Belgian chocolate was so smooth also, it’s like eating a Reese’s cup! I bought some and definitely will be ordering more once my supply runs out. Thank you, Chocolate Fusion!”



“These truffles almost look too pretty to eat! They are beautifully painted, at first, I thought there was a wrapper on them! They are so delightful and creamy. The Chocolate Fusion staff was so helpful and let me try a few flavors so I could build my customized box. They also answered some great questions I had due to my son having a gluten allergy. I felt comfortable giving these to him as they were very knowledgeable about the process in which the truffles are made and what was in them. I received their card and will be ordering in the future!”
“We were very impressed with the staff and the products that Chocolate Fusion had to offer. We stopped into their storefront in Lawrenceville because our kids were dying for something sweet to eat. They hit the jackpot! We built a 12 pack of truffles and we were not disappointed. The gentleman there asked my kids some questions to help them decide what they liked as they were very indecisive, and it made the process a lot easier! The truffles literally melt in your mouth and are such fun, bright colors! Would recommend Chocolate Fusion to anyone that loves sweets!”
“Chocolate Fusion is doing things right. Their truffles have a true ganache center that melts in your mouth. The colors are so bright and intriguing, I almost don’t want to eat them and just have them to look at! Their ingredients are the best and the taste is one that is tough to beat.”
“Bright colors, great taste, wonderful staff- what’s not to love? I purchased these for my daughter’s birthday, and it was a hit. She ate the entire box in one night and now is asking for more. The woman at Chocolate Fusion candy helped me pick out the perfect box and was very knowledgeable. These truffles would be great for any occasion. I know that I’ll be grabbing these for stocking stuffers this Christmas!”


“These turtles are seriously the best around. I bought some and I was not disappointed, they are out of this world! The caramel isn’t tough but rather super soft and creamy. I keep ordering more and they ship them right to my door, it’s like Christmas each time. Now I’ve hooked my wife and kids- I’m having to hide them! Right now, we are obsessed with the milk pecan turtles, but there are lots more options, my next shipment we may try and broaden our horizon! If you want a good turtle, trust me, Chocolate Fusion has the ultimate best.”

“I received a box of Chocolate Fusion’s turtles for my birthday and I fell in love. I love cashews and white chocolate, so naturally my mom got me the milk cashew turtles. They are the softest and unlike any other I ever had! I will be requesting these for every birthday, Christmas, and Easter from now on!”


“Hallelujah for Chocolate Fusion! Finally, a candy company that keeps those who cannot have dairy in mind. I have a severe dairy allergy and when I found out that Chocolate Fusion offers vegan chocolates I ordered right away! I built a 12 pack and I already broke into it; the mango is my favorite. They have an awesome selection to choose from varying from exotic fruits to nuts and even just solid dark chocolate for anyone that has a multitude of allergies. I love Chocolate Fusion and will continue to be a customer for years to come!”


“My husband and I decided to go dairy free about 5 months ago, it has been hard- that is until Chocolate Fusion came about! We go every Saturday to their storefront and each of us build a box of 12 vegan truffles and we enjoy a few each night! The customer service is phenomenal, and they are very informative! It’s a comfort to know where and how their chocolates are processed and they are naturally gluten and egg free too! They have an awesome variety to choose from, although, we have our favorites! We are big supporters of Chocolate Fusion and if you go, we promise it won’t be your last visit!”

Mary Claire


“My wife and I are big time fans of Chocolate Fusion. We are from Miami but were visiting Pittsburgh and first met them at their unique storefront in Lawrenceville.  The woman was welcoming, and we got to talking about their business. She was very genuine and was a pleasure to talk with. She explained how and where all the product was made and let us try a little of each product line.  She even gave us a little history on the uniqueness of Lawrenceville along with cool places to eat and visit!  We tried the toffee and we were both blown away. So rich and buttery, we bought a few pieces and then after dinner came back for more! We had a great time in Pittsburgh and Chocolate Fusion made it more special! We will absolutely be back.”


“I am hands down obsessed with Chocolate Fusion’s almond toffee bark.  The rich Belgian chocolate on top of the butter toffee is simply heavenly.  I have purchased tins and boxes of these for family member’s birthdays, Christmas gifts and just for the heck of it! Everyone that receives this toffee has loved it and has asked where to get it, and I tell them, Chocolate Fusion! They have the best products and you can’t go wrong, everything they make it delicious!”


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