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to where flavor & fantastic collide!

We specialize in gourmet fudge and artisan chocolates that have a playful eye-catching side along with bursts of divine flavor notes and a smooth creamy consistency. All of our chocolates, fudges and confectionary items are handcrafted with only the finest ingredients in a small kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where our head chocolatiers take special care that each batch is made to perfection.

Although located in Pittsburgh, we are coming to a city near you! That’s right, we are constantly traveling on the road where we have met the most wonderful people that continue to inspire us! Which is why we not only take pride in the delectable taste of our products but in our unique experience we provide to our customers.

Each visit we provide a mini tasting session, sampling our product and walking you through each flavor note to help you decide which products are your perfect match! Whether you visit us in our boutique store front in our hometown or anywhere along the way, when you are with us, you are considered family!